Planetario 2.0 program for MS-Windows.

This program runs in MS-Windows environment.
It is a 16bit application, but it works very well also in Windows 95,98,ME,2000,XP.
To install the program you must
1) Download zip file
2) Decompress it
) Run SETUP program

Planetario 2.0 is a true free program.
It requires a code key to work in complete way. You can use it in demo mode without problem (a few functions will not be operative).
You can send a mail (with your name, organization and address) to to obtain a free code key (fully operative).
Information about program can be found in HLP files in italian and spanish version and in TXT file in english version.

Information about program in italian language
Information about program in spanish language
Information about program in english language

Good work.
Piero Massimino

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